Our Company

Partner Opportunities

synergyWe are looking to expand our business both domestic and in other regions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you fall into any categories below;

Exclusive Region Representative
  • Able to recommend our products and services to hotels and resorts based in your region.
  • Able to provide after-sale customer support
  • Running relate-to travel and ecommerce business
  • Strong sales & marketing team
Website Development Company
  • Able to recommend your client to use our online hotel reservation system; “both hotel and agency modules” or any of our service which we can do under outsourcing or direct contract Blogger / Columnist / Media Owner
  • Able to promote our client’s hotel in local popular travel sites or magazine or radio or TV
Travel Content Provider / Columnist
  • Able to create and provide interesting and updated relate-to travel content
  • Good skill only!!
Related-to Travel Site Owner
  • Want to get more traffic and revenue


  • No matter you are an organization or a person, feel free to contact us if you got any “Win Win” idea that we can work it out together.