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“I do not know if there is any other hotel internet marketing firm helping a client to free PR in magazine when using their hotel booking engine. It was our first time getting published in several major local travel magazines at the same time. My resort has continuously gained more and more customers after working with Travelanium.”

Chananuch, MD, Pludhaya Resort, Ayutthaya

PR & Advertising

Media planning, negotiating, artwork design, advertising concept, public relations planning and media relations are all critical factors of a winning communications campaign.

Whether it is paid advertising by cash or barter, partnership marketing or promotions, third-party testimonials or editorial features and mentions, we utilize every possible avenue to deliver your message with the utmost impact to your target audiences.

We'll get you noticed. Design is not just for show; without substance and consistency, it is just another pretty picture. We make sure that the imagery and content are integrated with your branding, always delivering the experience and brand promise offered by your hotel & resort.

Our capabilities for creative branding and design are complementary to the value of our public relations work. Our shared knowledge, creative vision, and innovation enable the successful delivery of your message at all levels.

Popular News Sites, Blogs, Social Media, Search Engines...

 All of our press releases are posted to thousands of popular news sites, newspaper sites, TV news sites, Google News, major search engines, blogs, social media and other sites.

We do include multimedia such as pictures, slide presetation or video which provides tremendous search engine visibility and SEO benefits.

Magazines, Newspapers and Trade Publications

 Press releases are sent directly to reporters, editors and assignment desks at magazines, newspapers, magazines and trade journals. We target journalists that cover the topic of your hotel press release from our local media contacts in Thailand.

So this solution is perfect solution to hotels that expand brand awareness in Thai market no matter your hotel is based in Thailand or aboard.

TV, Cable TV, Networks and Radio

 Press releases are distributed directly to journalists, program directors, producers, reporters and guest bookers at TV stations, TV programs, cable networks, cable programs, radio stations and radio programs.

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