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“We chose Travelanium because of their speedy response when my resort was in trouble due to last-minute group cancellation. So I thought email marketing might be a perfect solution and yes. Big thank to Travelanium acting like a true partner with a deep knowledge base of internet marketing. Without their always-available support team, my email marketing campaigns would have been a lot less successful.”

Pumin L., MD, Palmyra Patong Resort, Phuket

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaign works better for hospitality business today than ever before…and with more measurable outcomes than all spending over MySpace, FaceBook , Twitter and other “social network marketing” flavours of the month being bandied around. A research found that higher percentage, around 90% of the respondent’s retained emails were travel related proving that, when properly executed, email is still a highly effective marketing medium for the hotel and travel sector!

But email was always supposed to be a cost-effective medium for maintaining “top of mind” awareness, a reminder that your hotel is the ideal place to stay, meet or dine…and then it got complicated by SPAM Acts, Opt Ins and Outs…and it got expensive…but not any more.

Email Package Plan Cost Per eMail
5,000 Emails 1.6 Baht 8,000 Baht
10,000 Emails 1.4 Baht 14,000 Baht
20,000 Emails 1.25 Baht 25,000 Baht
50,000 Emails 1.0 Baht 50,000 Baht
100,000 Emails 0.8 Baht 80,000 Baht
200,000 Emails 0.68 Baht 136,000 Baht
We Do it For You - eCRM database setting up @ B 2,000
Really busy? What to delegate almost everything? Let our dedicated email concierge team to do all the email marketing steps for you! See below how it works.
  • For High Volume Senders
    If you want to send in excess of 50,000 emails on a monthly basis, please contact us
  • We offer a 25% dicount for non-profit organizations.

email designing

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portfolio & case studies

Sukantara successfully launched its winter promotion achieving 70% opended rate

How the Email Marketing Campaign Works

Our Email Marketing Campaign is created to help you get a professional website online quickly and easily. Sound good? There's no magic involved, but we do start with a simple formula to help make your website a success.

email work progress

1. Identify Qualitative Goals

We will discuss about what you want each e-mail campaign to do for your hotel. We're not talking numbers here; all qualitative goals tend to revolve around one of two things:

  • • Acquiring new customers and/or revenue
  • • Retaining or renewing existing customers and/or revenue

2. Analyze the Current Situation

This isn't nearly as involved as it sounds. You probably have most of the information in your head right now. We just need to get it down on paper by starting with brainstorming. Many questions are included in this step to identify your current e-mail program's strengths and weaknesses. These should be things under your control, not factors outside your organization's sphere of influence. We'll include these in a strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats (SWOT) analysis later.

3. Campaign Strategy Suggestion

By the given requirement and SWOT, we are now ready to finalizie the best email campaign strategy, these include target audience, send schedule, message, graphic elements and email design.

4. Email Creation

Our design team executes the actual design of your email and this is done when we run the usability test with outlook, local webmail, and major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and else.

5. eCRM Database Setting up

We will establish a single eCRM database merging your existing customer data with new opt-in email lists (if there is). By doing this, your hotel is able to categorize your.

6. Launch

We will reconfirm the date and time to send the email campaign again. Different customer segment may require different sent schedule.

7. Track & Report

Evaluate results and tweak the strategy accordingly for improving next email marketing campaigns.

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