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"Thank you for providing our resort magnificent photo shooting, we will call your service again when our new suite is completed.”

Soammarat S., Owner, Sukantara Cascade Resort - Chiang Mai

Professional Photographer

It is undeniable that resort pictures is the critical material to easily draw attention from customers. For us, photographing is the beginning of marketing no matter which form of marketing media you use, they always include pictures. Look & Feel of your hotel is not created by text but it’s about what they see.

How the Photo Shooting Works

Our photo shooting process is created to help you get a professional website online quickly and easily. Sound good? There's no magic involved, but we do start with a simple formula to help make your website a success.

photo shooting work progress

1. Getting Requirement

What I mean by this first step is that we discuss with you about what you want to shoot including budget. We keep a long list of possible ideas and usage purposes. Based on your need, we pick the “niches“, and create a mindmap, exploring the niche’s potential.

2. Storyboard Presentation

Our dedicated team will draft planning (storyboard might be included for a big project) that we want to capture and present it to you only to venture out into different concepts depending on the theme and the purpose of the shoot.

3. Dedicated Photographer Team

A photographer team dedicated to your project will be assigned and this team will be responsible for the photo shooting and retouch from start to completion of your project.

4. The Shooting Schedule

You will be given a shooting schedule and estimated time spending. However, the schedule is usually changed due to the weather and the guest occupancy.

5. Rock & Roll!

FREE Qoute custom photo shooting